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So, like much of the technology-loving world, I’m thinking iPhone 4. There are tons of reviews, details, specs out there. I’m not going to bore anyone with those. I’m merely jotting down a few of my thoughts, and for once, I’ll try to be brief.

My main reaction to the iPhone 4 WWDC announcment was … “Meh”.

Don’t get me wrong. iPhone 4 looks pretty and I’m sure in person it’ll blow me away. But here’s one thing I’m struggling with. The iPhone has in some ways revolutionised phones and smart phones (let’s not get too carried away though – smart phones did exist before the first iPhone!) But on the flip side, for all the surprising new features it has given us over the years, each time there is basic functionality that I feel has been overlooked.

So here was my reaction to iPhone 4: Multitasking? Wow, that’s so two years ago. This was due with iPhone 3G. Don’t boast that you just caught up. (And in my opinion, should have been included in the iPad, rather than available later via software upgrade.) While I’m on the topic of catching up, why did it take one year into my iPhone 3G contract (and two years since the release of the first iPhone) to get MMS? My 2002 Nokia was capable of that!

I will agree that the iPhone is in many ways a leader, innovative, providing new features we hadn’t thought of. But in others, it seems sorely lacking, and itself playing catch up.

I had feared that iPhone 4 would be so fantastic that I’d desperately want one, despite my intense desire to flee from AT&T. My conclusion? I’m not ruling it out, but I will be carefully cross-shopping before my iPhone 3G contract expires in August.  The good news is that with every iPhone, other devices rush to catch up or exceed what the iPhone has done. So perhaps there is a sweet little Android option I can take for a spin.

What would have gotten me excited? Making the iPhone available across different networks. The device itself would have been a no-brainer decision for me, being a current user, if it didn’t come shackled with AT&T.

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