Droid X vs. iPhone 3G Follow Up

To read my original review, click here: Droid X vs. iPhone 3G Review #1

Few follow up thoughts, after some more time with Droid X:

1. I’m still very happy with it.

2. Few issues:

  • Twitter clients: I have not found a Twitter/Facebook client as good as HootSuite for iPhone was. HootSuite for Android is poor in comparison (it only supports Twitter accounts, no posting to Facebook.) The app that comes with the phone supports Twitter + Facebook, but only one account of each. Since I’m trying to manage two Twitter accounts and two Facebook (plus ideally one Linked In and one Yammer) on the Android, it would be great if something actually supported this. I’ll pay you for it! Do a good job of it, and I’ll pay you a lot!
  • Facebook App: Despite a recent update, the Facebook for Android app is still sub-par compared to the iPhone app. For example, if you click a notification on the iPhone app, it takes you to the post itself on the app. Droid X takes you to the mobile site to view the post.
  • Battery Life: Battery life sucks. At best, it’s equivalent to my iPhone 3G, but only on a day when I barely use it. On an equal-use footing, it blows. (Though in the Droid X’s defense, at least you change change out the battery when it does. I don’t own a second battery yet, but I like knowing the option is there.)
  • International Text Messaging: For some reason, Verizon won’t let me send international text messages as easily as AT&T did. (E.g. You can send a message if you enter 011 44… for the UK. The reply comes back with a +44… If you reply to that, the message back doesn’t go through. You have to manually reply to 011 44… HUH?!)
  • Alarm Clock: There are two nice features of the alarm clock on Droid X, and two not-so-good.
    The good: The increasing volume alarm feature is nice, as is the ability to set how long a “snooze” is (2 mins? 9 mins?)
    The bad: The alarm clock sound options aren’t as nice as the bells were on iPhone. (So naturally I downloaded the iPhone Bell Tower MP3 and am now using it!) Also, it’s very depressing that the alarm tells you how long it’s been set for. E.g. if you go to bed at midnight and set your alarm for 5am, it tells you “Alarm set for five hours from now.” I don’t enjoy knowing how little sleep I’m going to get!
  • Camera: It must just be me (or the case I’m using) but you sure seem to have to hold down that camera button for a loooooong time before it takes a picture. That said, the pictures come out nice.
  • Call quality/Network: I’ve had a few issues with calls. They don’t drop, just all of a sudden there is silence and the person never “comes back”. However, I’m not sure if it is the network, Google Voice (some of the calls were made via Google Voice) or Bluetooth (the calls were all on Bluetooth.) So I’m reserving judgment on this. Data is fast. However, it’s a little frustrating not being able to talk on the phone and use data at the same time. (E.g. Recently a friend called me to look up directions for her, and I had to hang up then call back with memorised directions. Would have been nice to have put her on speaker and talked her through it.)

[I’ll add to this list if I have further thoughts.]

In summary however:

Am I keeping it? Yes. I have 30 days to get out of my Verizon contract if for some reason I’m not happy. I am, however, happy enough that I’m staying with Droid X and with Verizon.

If the Verizon iPhone rumours are true, will I change back to iPhone? I don’t know yet. Possibly. Possibly not. I love the customisation available on the Droid X, and I think the app market will get much stronger in time. Therefore, I’m not sure I would switch back, but I guess we’ll wait and see what takes my fancy in 12 months when my contract is up.

If you’re thinking about making the AT&T > Verizon switch, or simply iPhone > Android, ask me questions. What matters to you? I’ll do my best to help you out.

5 thoughts on “Droid X vs. iPhone 3G Follow Up

  1. I have an old school 2G iphone that I jailbroke for T-Mobile. Needless to say it isn’t even really comparable to a 3G iPhone, however I am intrigued by the DroidX. I appreciate your review, but am very concerned w/battery life, especially for conferences.

    Any suggestions for getting the most out of the battery without having to carry a 2nd one?

    Overall this was one of the best comparison/reviews for the DroidX. I appreciate your honest recap.


  2. The battery life for the Droid X is very similar to the iPhone 3G (which I had before) and tends to last about a day. The battery saver mode does make a big difference, so definitely enable it.

    Heavy use during a conference would definitely drain it, however the cool thing about Droid X vs. iPhone is that you can buy a replaceable battery and change batteries half way through the day. (Not an option with iPhone.)

    The reality is, there’s not a smart phone on the market that has a battery life of too much longer than a day, especially with heavy usage. And if you find one, definitely let me know 🙂

  3. Thanks for your response about the battery life and the battery saver mode. Good info we’ll have to see if I can make the switch when the time comes. Thanks!

  4. I know this post is old, but did you go back to the iPhone? BTW, I read in one of your other posts that you didn’t like the keyboard. I would try swiftkey or (even better)swype.

  5. Hi AJ,

    So far, for my personal phone, I haven’t yet gone back to the iPhone. However, when I got a work cell phone, they gave me a choice of any phone on the Verizon network (which now includes iPhone) so I did choose iPhone – thinking, I already have an Android. This is sort of the best of both worlds.

    I’m not sure whether I would choose to go back to iPhone for my primary phone after using Android. In short, the iPhone (and its apps) are definitely prettier. However, I really love the Android notification system, and actually now, I love the typing. It’s SO much smarter than the iPhone at understanding what I was trying to type. (I haven’t used Swype, but only because, to be honest, I’m pretty darn fast at typing on the phone and I don’t want to slow down to re-learn something new …) For now, I think I’ll be sticking to Android, UNLESS I have both like I do now.

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