eMetrics Tweet Activity

Tweet stats:

3,241 total tweets during the conference time
59 tweets per hour
38% of conference tweets were retweets
622 unique contributors to the #eMetrics hashtag

Top tweet topics:

Top tweeters:

Most Retweeted Tweets

This year, eMetrics had a competition for the most retweeted tweet. The winner received a blue bird (and fame and glory, of course.) The competition was judged by the lovely folks at TweetReach and announced on the last day of the event.

In order, the most retweeted tweets were:


Twitalyzer “Impact” Score

I also found it interesting to compare and contrast my Twitalyzer “Impact” score historically at different events. eMetrics SF 2012 led to my highest Impact score to date (but note that Followers is a consideration in Impact scores, so later conferences are likely to have a higher score.)

Definition of “Impact”:

Impact, as defined by Twitalyzer, is a combination of the following factors:

  • The number of followers a user has
  • The number of references and citations of the user
  • How often the user is retweeted
  • How often the user is retweeting other people
  • The relative frequency at which the user posts updates

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3 thoughts on “eMetrics Tweet Activity

    • Hey Stephane. You were JUST out of the range of the chart. I charted the Top 20 (but, ended up charting the top 23 because 20-23 were typed at the same number of tweets so it seemed arbitrary to exclude 21-23.) You were at #25 in the list, so just out of range of what I ended up charting.

      The other thing to keep in mind is that this is just for the eMetrics timeframe – it doesn’t take into account, for example, sessions on Sunday or GAUGE Thursday and Friday. I do this so that when I compare conferences it’s a cleaner comparison – I compare the official conference start and end time, vs randomly including say, one day before and after in some analyses, but two days before and after in others.

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