Customer Service: Now that’s how it’s done

Today, I needed to (urgently) buy a new mattress and get it delivered before this evening (lest I have nowhere to sleep tonight …) I did a quick Google Map search to find stores near me and found a Mattress Discounters location close by. This was at about 7.30AM, so I shot them an email explaining the situation (wondering if I would ever get a response) – I needed to purchase a mattress and could I get same day delivery?

Imagine my surprise when shortly before 10AM (their opening time) I actually got a response – a phone call from Mattress Discounters. The guy I spoke with apologised and said they don’t do same day delivery, but another nearby store does, and he had already reached out to the store to have them contact me. Low and behold, I hear the call waiting noise on my phone and realise the other store is already trying to call me.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right?

It was a competitor.

Mattress Discounters referred me to a competitor because they knew that I needed something they couldn’t provide. I would say “That’s customer service”, but the truth is, it’s actually “Not-even-yet-a-customer service.”

Did I buy from them? Not this time. Will I remember them next time I’m in the market for a new bed or mattress? Absolutely. Will I be buying next week? No. But sometimes you need to invest now for a long-term return. Mattress Discounters did, and I won’t forget it.

Just to follow this up with more warm and fuzzies, I sent out a tweet about how pleased I was about this morning’s experience. (Mattress Discounters, please get on Twitter so I can show you some love!) I ended up shopping at Sleep Train and had a great experience there too – incredibly helpful salesman, very fast and easy – so naturally I mentioned them in the tweet:

@michelehinojosa: Amazing not-even-a-customer service from Mattress Discounters. Needed urgent same-day new bed, referred to competitor@thesleeptrain #classy

Twenty-five minutes later?

@theSleepTrain:@michelehinojosa We are the place to go for same-day delivery! Let us know how we can help.

Now that’s how it’s done.